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Nov 19, 2008


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Rahab Klingensmith

I find it rather appealing and comforting a Mega Church Zone! A minimum of 23,000 or so....Intimacy is in the eyes of the beholder... prime example <3 <3 <3 Last Sunday at Willow Creek a wonderful gentlemen usher made great contact with me again...yelling my name....Hey lady, lady, lady....Hey!!! Miss....hey...come here....from quite the distance.....making great contact with a huge smile, a warm gesture of compassion too re-unite with a new member walking through the door...gentle spirited, kind, fun, lots of room to roam....makes for a blessed day at Willow Creeks Church Doors....great music,talented pastorals, atmosphere to die for; & lots of people...but mostly.....How they appear in .....Love and compassion with deepness is felt--its a great feeling when traveling such a distance...and well worth every bit of it! Rahab

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