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Dec 16, 2008


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We will be seeing a an increasing number of reports like this over the next several months. The MSM is going to help carry the political water for Obama's push to nationalize US health care once he's inaugurated.

Any story that can possibly spun as problem of access will be reported in that way. Politics will trump honest science and statistical analysis...which is nothing new.


But the fascinating question to me is why do Hispanics seem to fare so much better?

Instead of single payer, we should be studying the long term effects of guacamole and cilantro.

Dennis Sanders

Interesting. Though speaking as a black man, I remember my mother stressing I eat my fiber and I also remember when President Reagan was diagnosed with colon cancer all of which made me more willing to make sure I got my daily fiber and then some.

Michael W. Kruse

I wonder if we know all the factors lead to the development of this cancer. I've wondered about differences in diet as well. I also seem to recall that black Americans suffer from a greater prevalence of high blood pressure and stress while Hispanics seem to be low in this measure. Are there cultural/lifestyle factors?

Again, I don't know what the answer is and it seems likely that uneven use of health care services is an issue but as with so many of these issues, I suspect it is more complex than what first meets the eye.


I suspect it is more complex than what first meets the eye.

I think that's a pretty safe bet...but the MSM has an agenda.

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