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Dec 17, 2008


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I love the idea here, but...

>if by capitalism we mean the ugly rush to profit at any cost that we have seen of late [it's probably dead.]

Ummm. Does anyone really think this ugly event killed anything ugly? Ugly thrives on ugly. Something beautiful will have to be DONE to kill the ugly. Ugly never learns from ugly.


You're right, codepoke.

What's ugly, to me, is the fact that the government seems hell bent to make sure that losses aren't realized by those who deserve them. Losses are just as important as profits in the capitalist model.

You don't discourage the "ugly rush to profit" if you keep people from feeling the negative consequences of foolishness.

Michael W. Kruse

"Does anyone really think this ugly event killed anything ugly?"

Killed in the sense that I killed the crabgrass in my yard. It will be back next year. :-)


Ha...yes...looking at it that way, "ugly" capitalism never goes away because the crabgrass in human nature remains a recalcitrant, enduring reality.

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