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Feb 23, 2009


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Rick McGinniss

Michael, have you ever thought about writing a book on this and your other economic insights? As you wrote in your final paragraph, many Christians are thinking with their hearts instead of their heads these days.

I've tried to explain to several of my friends exactly what you're writing about in these kinds of posts, but I can't think of a term to put on it. Biblical economics? Economic theology? Do you have a term?

Michael W. Kruse

Thanks Rick.

Actually the reason of blogging on this topic is because I need to organize my thoughts on this issue.

I have written a rough draft of a book which I now redoing. I may title the book "Eikonomics." It combines the Greek "Eikon" (image) with the the word "economics." Like you, I have hard time figuring out what to call what I'm writing. I don't like Biblical economics because there is no economic system presented in scripture.

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