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Mar 06, 2009


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Rick McGinniss

Wow, tough stuff.

I'm curious to know if your readers are facing similar moves in their ministries.

Dennis Sanders

Since I work at the Presbytery level, I keep wondering when this is going to hit us.

Michael W. Kruse

I think it already has had an impact on some presbyteries around the country. Depends more on local economy I suppose.

Michael W. Kruse

Rick, I'd be interested to know as well. The impact seems to be very uneven based on location and type of ministry.

William Apel

I was in the military from the early 70's to the early 90's. I recall an occasion from the mid-70's.

One observer stated that even though the military was currently about 20% the size it had been at the height of WWII, it had more general officers than those times of such a large force.

If our denomination continues on the slow, shrinking slide, then our leaders need to adjust the number of "generals" (i.e. synods, presbyteries, and size of GAC).


We can do something about the slow, shrinking slide, such as my response to Eva Stimson:

To: Eva Stimson
Subject: Growing the church deep and wide

”As long as the 'paid professional' (Shirley Guthrie's words) and the other leaders of the church believe that the definition of "sent" is to remain behind a desk in the church office, this church will continue its long slide in membership.

”All of the mission work doesn't count. Yes, continue the mission work, but there is a Presbyterian way to 'shake the dust off your sandals' and GO to the people.

”For all of the theological differences between churches such as Jehovah's Witnesses, Baptists, or Mormons and our church, at least they are going to the people and NOT waiting for them to walk in the door.”

Evangelical churches are growing. Mainline protestant churches are shrinking.

And yes, I will keep the staff and the board in my prayers as they seek God's wisdom.


Michael W. Kruse

All good stuff Bill. The GAC's work is turning more and more to collaborative networking efforts. We are trying to focus on what can best be done from a national level to help and equip Presbyterians to "GO" into the world. The change in orientation over my five years of service has been quite remarkable and we are just getting started. That doesn't mean its painless.

As a side note, my presby friends should check out www.presbygrow.net to learn more about PCUSA resources and networks for church-planting and church transformation options.

Look forward to seeing you in a couple of days.

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