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Mar 17, 2009


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brad brisco

Michael, great pics from today. We had a lot of fun and what wonderful weather!

Byron Wade

Michael - looks like you had a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing ;-)

Michael W. Kruse


It was incredible weather. It doesn't get any better.


You're right. It was a great time. The best St. Patty's parade I've seen.


England get out of Ireland (banner in photos)?

How's about USA get out of Mexico (Texas) ;)

Michael W. Kruse

To be Texan is to live in altered state of mind. There is car in my neighborhood with Missouri plates held by license plate holder that reads, "Texas Department of Colonization."

Jerry Deck


3rd biggest? You sure? The Tribune (Chicago, of course!) said that actually Savannah Georgia's parade was the second largest (only to NYC). I would think Boston would come after then Chicago then KC. Are you being a homer or do you have the proof! ;)

Michael W. Kruse

My stats are probably four of five years old. Could be things have changed in recent years.

As to being a homer, my stats may be wrong but I know we have the best parade.


Jim Martin

Michael, Loved your pictures. We lived in Kansas City for almost three years (early ninties) and loved it. We lived in the Gladstone area. Seeing your pictures brought back a lot of good memories.

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