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Mar 27, 2009


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Ben Byerly

Huge congratulations to you, Mrs. Kronicle, your parents, and everyone else who has played an important role in your 50 years. Have a very, very fun celebration with your friends tomorrow.

I was an oldest kid, but don't have many solo shots either. Thanks to the digital age, I think our third has just as many solo shots as the first two. (It doesn't hurt that his mother has taken over the full-time at-home parenting from me, and we are in a completely new setting, so there are a lot of firsts for her.

Have a lot of fun reminiscing.


Happy birthday, fella...

Quotidian Grace

Many happy returns!

Viola Larson

Happy Birthday Michael,
But I have to say you are still just a kid. Great picture, I hope you will post more.

Dana Ames

Welcome to the ranks :)

May God grant you many years (that's the Orthodox way of saying Happy Birthday).

Thanks for the pic- very sweet. Hope your celebration is lovely. I am glad you were born, and glad that you have written, and glad for the Internet by which you have become a friend to me, and been able to help and serve translocally.


Michael W. Kruse


Thanks. I'd reminisce but I can't remember that far back.


Thanks (and thanks for avoiding "old fella".) :)




Isn't this one picture enough incriminating evidence. :)


Thanks for those special words. I too value the internet friendship we share. Maybe someday it will be face to face.

Life is good! Peace to all!

Michael W. Kruse

You all should know that Mrs. Kronicle set me up. During the General Assembly Council meeting this morning they sang Happy Birthday to me while early pictures of me supplied by Mrs. Kronicle were shown on the screen.


Happy Birthday! Nothing quite like a little denominational work on your Birthday.

Alan Wilkerson

Hope you have a great birthday...It's really not THAT bad this side of that number...


Michael W. Kruse


Thanks Neil. The work is over now.


"It's really not THAT bad this side of that number..."

It's much better then getting to the other side. :-)


Welcome to your Golden Jubilee Year, brother! May the childlikeness remain and any childishness be swept away.

Shalom to you and that sneaky Mrs. Kronicle!

Michael W. Kruse

Sneaky indeed! Thanks Peggy.

Denis Hancock

Congratulations! We'll have to get together and celebrate at your favorite BBQ place. It just happens that I will be at the Embassy Suites toward the end of May for a two day conference.

Michael W. Kruse

I'll look forward to it!


Cranky old scandinavian! And I can say that because I is one! :-) happy happy

Kansas Bob

Belated birthday wishes Michael.. hope it was a good one.


Congratulations of your half century!

Wow, this post really got the readers out of the wood work!

Michael W. Kruse

Thanks Nashbabe and Kansas Bob.

Phil, I think my readers have simply been brought up to be kind to the elderly. :-)

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