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Mar 20, 2009


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Does putting an embryo in the wrong womb change what it is? I think someone owes this woman some compensation (maybe a lot of compensation)...but I also think it would be wrong to kill the human being growing inside her.

Michael W. Kruse

I'm inclined to share your position but the fact that such a thing can happen is the tip of the iceberg of bio-ethical questions to come.


Oh yes...we're now in the Brave New World...and unfortunately, the job title of "bio-ethicist" is now held by some of the world's most radical philosophers.



You're right, and many of those who might hold to that long held scientific notion the "precautionary principle" are labelled luddites!

Funnily enough, whilst the 'precautionary principle' is held up as the ultimate guide in environmental science, our fellow scientists in the bio-medicines seems to want to forget the principle even exists.

Michael W. Kruse

Great point about the precautionary principle. I hadn't thought of it quite that light.


To illustrate Phil's point in a pretty direct and ironic way, check this out:


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