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Apr 03, 2009


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Is this man a Realized Saint, Yogi, Mystic or Sage?

Is he awake and informed by a heart-based feeling-intelligence?

Does he freely bless all other beings in and via his every thought, word and action?

What demanding and hard-won extensive Spiritual Practice has this man engaged in?

Who wereare his LIVING teachers?---teachers who by their very presence (and hard earned Wisdom too) were able to challenge him to examine ALL of his presumptions about everything.

If not everything he says is just an extension of his own godless double-mindedness---the same kind of yes/no/maybe double-mindednes that (mis)informs the mind of the common every person of our times.

What about the Scriptures or Sacred Texts from the rest of The Great Tradition of Humankind, all of which are now freely available to anyone with an internet connection, and all of which are now our common inheritance, because we are now altogether face to face in a totally inter-connected globalized quantum world.

Why does the truth or the future have to turn out to be Christian, especially as two thirds of the worlds population are NOT Christian.

Michael W. Kruse

John, everyone comes from some context. It is impossible for an individual to examine ALL presumptions.

I would say we should live our beliefs with a tentative finality. We can't be certain we have understood everything just right but we must act on what we have discerned. It is in trying to live what we have discerned that we come to learn more about the truth of the matter. It simply needs to be done in the humility that our knowledge is finite and sometimes in error. We have to be open to more learning.

It is utterly impractical to suggest that a person must have experienced all religions and examined all presuppositions before making conclusions and writing about metaphysical realities.

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