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May 27, 2009


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Travis Greene

I'm not crazy about that Queen/Canada metaphor. Isn't that basically ceremonial at this point? Would they put up with it if she tried to exercise her "authority"?

Michael W. Kruse

Agreed. However, "dominion" is sort a monarch metaphor and with so few left in the world, I'm not sure what modern metaphor would serve better.

Travis Greene

Hmm. Corporations are the new kingdoms, aren't they? The manager at your local Apple store acting under the authority of Steve Jobs?

Michael W. Kruse

Probably has some merit although I don't know that I'd say that Corporations have dominion in quite the same way. The are organized for a fairly narrow purpose to meet a narrow range of customer needs, not to provide for broad environment in which people can thrive. The latter is what I think dominion is about in the biblical sense.

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