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May 27, 2009


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Travis Greene

I just wish it wasn't so secularized. I love BoingBoing.net for this kind of stuff (the copyfight, for instance, or exposing Britain's surveillance culture), and I think there's a lot of potential overlap with Christian teaching, but they seem to have taken the Dawkins pill and never looked back.

Michael W. Kruse

"...taken the Dawkins pill..."

I forget. Is that the red one or the blue one. :-)

The problem I have with this article (and many like them) is that the seem clueless about how various industries differ. Every example they give is information/knowledge instensive. Such industries have different properties than making cars, giving haircuts, or running an airline. This article shows some of the interesting properties of knowledge based activity but I don't think the author has a clue about the larger economic questions.

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