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Jun 16, 2009


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Rick McGinniss

Michael, once again I have to say how helpful posts like these are to me in both my understanding as a Christian and my teaching as a pastor to people who live in the real world. Not only do you constantly help us keep the main things the main things, you point us to resources that do the same. Thank you.

FYI, my wife and I just spent a week visiting one of our daughters in Buenos Aires. It's stunning to be in a culture with virtually no trace of Christian influence.

Michael W. Kruse

Thanks Rick.

Getting out of the country every now and then does put things in perspective, doesn't it?

John Stackhouse

Thanks again, Michael, for the honour of your patient exposition of my book. I'm so glad you're enjoying it!

I particularly liked this phrasing of yours today: "Economic activity is largely about transforming matter, energy, and data from less useful states into more useful states. This activity is integral to bearing the image of God." That's an excellent way to define "culture" from a Christian point of view!

Michael W. Kruse

Thanks John. The "transforming matter, energy, and data" language is something I read sometime back that has stuck with me. Unfortunately, the source didn't stick with me. I think it came from Victor Claar.

If the Presbyterians would just let me be for a couple of weeks (my fourth trip in 10 days tomorrow) I'd get through the book more quickly. :-) Thanks for such a great resource.

Rick McGinniss

FWIW, Michael, I have used that language in several recent sermons.

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