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Jun 26, 2009


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Mike Aubrey

I'm highly skeptical about global warming myself, but I do worry that if/when the idea of man made warming is finally killed, there will be a reactionary response.

The idea and fear of global warming has improved the air quality of a number of Canadian cities as well as other cities around the world - and that's definitely not a good thing. Pollution is bad for our environment and as I read Romans 8 and Colossians, I think we need to be taking care of what we've been given.

So, I guess, what do you think, Michael? Do you think we could go too far in the other direction once global warming ceases to be an issue?

Michael W. Kruse

I don't now that these things every find perfect balance. My concern is much more with protecting natural habitats, creating clean environments for human existence, and finding inexpensive renewable resources that can be shared around the world. Rising prosperity increases the demand for these outcomes. I think convincing cases can be made for these without the hype.

I actually think the global warming movement erred in the intensity and belligerence with which they pursued the cause. They tried to paint a picture that was so apocalyptic and overwhelming that people would be compelled to action. But what is happening, I think, is that after the initial concern, people become numb and fatalistic. They don't care because it doesn't seem like anything can really be done. A campaign with more optimistic horizons and practical prudent responses is more sustainable. I think the church has an important role here in grounding creation care as part of our ethos.

I don't think there will be a complete departure from environmental concerns as a backlash but social change usually moves in along a weaving path.

brad wright

Once again, the politicians are not following through on their promises... this time to give us warmer weather! ;-)

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