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Jul 13, 2009


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The real legacy of Calvin in 2009 is George Bush, the "religious" right, and the neo-"conservatives" (or rather psychopaths).

Completely godles, dark and double minde, deeply hypocritical sex paranoid puritans, every single one.

Which has produced a death-saturated "culture" which is thus saturated with pornography. The pornography of naked bodies (mainly women and children) being abused in every possible way.

And the pornography of violence brought to one and all by the Pentagon military-industrial-"entertainment"-complex, and the NRA. And even celebrated as "good news" by that recent utterly vile pornnographic sado-masochistic SNUFF film/movie. Namely The Passion by Mel Gibson

Calvinism being a form of collective psychosis which has brought the entire planet to the brink of cultural and ecological melt-down.

Michael W. Kruse

Grace and Peace to you, my friend.


evidently you've never read anything about Calvin or by Calvin

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