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Jul 23, 2009


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I think the article has it backwards. First, when the neighbors called the police, why is it that they didn't recognize their neighbor Gates? (I don't know if it happened during daylight or not.)

Second, anyone who starts an argument with a policeman is not very bright. Once a certain level is reached, a policeman will never never back down. Sometimes this isn't the ideal, but most of the time, it is.

Crowley's record is unimpeachable.

The sorriest thing about this episode is the President's getting involved. The President has a lot more important things to worry about (not the least of which is his declining popularity).

Michael W. Kruse

I certainly agree with you that Obama should have stayed out of it. For a guy who usually is so good at calculating political impact of his actions, he really put is foot in it this time.


I am not a fan of the police, but Crowley was antagonized to the point where his only option was to arrest the guy. Did race play a role? Sure. Most crime is commited by blacks, and that's not an opinion, nor a racist comment, it's a fact.

Michael W. Kruse

Actually, most crime is committed by Whites but certainly Blacks are convicted of crimes out of proportion to their numbers.

Gates was clearly worked up about it but skilled officers have ways of diffusing such scenes. I unconvinced it was "the only option."

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