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Jul 28, 2009


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Alan Wilkerson

I really have no idea how many pastors do actually download and preach someone else's sermon. I use sermoncentral to search what has been preached on a passage and I sometimes glean an illustration I would not have had.

But I also try to trace back news stories, illustrations, etc. to an original source, and cite it. In the same way, I have no problem quoting another preacher verbatim if they've said something much better than I could have.



Rick Warren got started by posting sermons.

"... subscribers paying $21.95 a month to search and download from its library of 20,000-plus sermons.

We know what you're thinking: Isn't this plagiarism?"

Not if it's paid for, and the source site says that's what they're for.

It's not easy to come up with 52 riveting sermons a year. And 52 new ones next year.

New pastors might find it hard to get going. Old pastors may burn out.

How much of a pastor's "grade" is based on his sermons, and how much on the rest of his pastoral duties?

Travis Greene

"It's not easy to come up with 52 riveting sermons a year. And 52 new ones next year."

Perhaps we should take that as a hint that, just maybe, more than one person is gifted to teach in each community. And just maybe, even if there is a main teacher, they don't have to be entirely responsible for all sermon insights. Or, just perhaps, our entire system of religious speeching is, while well-intentioned, is more than a little off-base.

Michael W. Kruse

Amen, Travis.

Conrade Yap

Who is the preacher trying to glorify? For me, I think the most important and most difficult part of being a preacher is not the message nor delivery. It is the preparation of the heart.



"Gleaning" of ideas is quite acceptable. And that is likely what most pastors do with it. I would be surprised to hear that pastors were actually taking the whole sermon and redoing it in their own viewpoints.

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