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Jul 24, 2009


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Joe Schmoe

Let's oppose cars and go back to horses and buggies too.


Well, I Twittered during my Special Committee meeting. Not a lot but a little bit. Why? Maybe because I could? But I also used it to tell BRC that the Special Committee said hi. But for several of the Special Committee members it was a way to stay in contact with members who were not there or to stay connected to the "real world" outside the committee.


Well, I speak as one who has emailed and worked during meetings I've attended. Nevertheless, I have to say that I would come down on the "No" side. Why? The only "pro" that you share regards "broadening participation." That may very well be a legitimate aim; however, I don't think that's the responsibility of the board members during the meeting. If other attendees in the room want to tweet, fine; if Board members want to blog about it afterward, fine; but -- call me old-fashioned -- since a Board member is often the only one with voice and vote (read, "statutory influence") within the body, I feel that, when that body is in session, the member has a responsibility both to the Board and to its constituency to be fully present throughout the session. I can imagine how I might receive a tweet from a Board member representing my interests and wanting to respond, "Hey -- tell me about it later - for now, pay close attention to make sure you don't miss anything that might affect me!"

My $.02...

Dave Hackett

Yes, I think tweeting during a meeting probably increases one's processing of the contents of the meeting (unless it's totally off topic). Off topic tweeting is a no-no, because it truly does distract and doesn't let the person fully attend to the meeting and decisions at hand. At most governing board meetings people whisper to their neighbors for clarification or processing; tweeting is doing the same. On topic tweeting, I think in the end, actually will increase comprehension and recall. It's a way to process externally, and for all of us external processors it can be a godsend.

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