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Jul 22, 2009


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Yes, but in this day and age when all of Humankind is now face to face in what is essentially a very small boat, and ALL of their narratives and stories too, perhaps the old stories are no longer useful?

Every body face to face means/signifies that ALL of these stories are NOW our common inheritance, and which are now also freely available to anyone with an internet connection.

You talk about and criticize dualism, but the original unconscious dualism begins with the idea or presumption of a "creator" god, outside and apart, and entirely separate from "his" creation.

Thus there is God and the presumed always separate world, and each seemingly separate human being. Two-ness or duality all the way down the line, and now being dramatized all over the planet. Have you read the news?

Plus if you examine all the horrors being dramatised on to the world stage, you will find that many of these conflicts are being generated by people/groups that "live" in different stories or narratives.

All of which in one way or another demonize the presumed other---or everyone who does not belong to our "live" in their inherited story.

That is to say people are killing each other every day BECAUSE they "live" in different competing stories.

Some horrible stories even command that all outsiders be killed or murdered---as per the psychosis of "jihad" preached by the benighted idiot who inspired and justified the terrorist bombing in Indonesia earlier this week.

Meanwhile prior to ALL of the stories every human being is a living-breathing-FEELING presence in the world, and who at Heart are not in any sense separate from each other.

Michael W. Kruse

(The four questions are N.T. Wrights)

I understand your answer to #3 to be that the failure to see that god and nature are one, and the competing stories that rise out that duality.

Your #4 seems to be that we be come conscious of our oneness.

This is certainly in tune with various New Age and neo-pagan stories but I don't think it is the story that is driving American culture or most other dominant societies in the world.

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