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Jul 10, 2009


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I totally agree with your point about zero-sum economics, but maybe the quote refers to another phenomenon. Namely, some people will always be richer and some will always be poorer. But really, the writer was just saying we should share out of our abundance. The writer was a bit unclear about what prompted her agreement with the quote. It seemed to be guilt-driven. We don't need to feel guilty about our wealth if we open our hand to the poor, not as an attempt to solve every economic woe, but as a recognition of God's grace in our lives and out of respect and compassion for the poor. The following podcast from someone who lived among the poor of Varanasi India for years presents a good perspective.

Also, didn't someone long ago predict, "The poor you will have with you always." - although I doubt "always" meant "eternally."Anyone, I digress.

When I was young, I was surprised to find out that my family was living below the poverty line. We had everything we needed and we had some extra to help out those who were poorer than ourselves. My parents were smart to remind us that we were rich compared to most people in the world at that time.

We certainly cannot "abolish" poverty when the poverty level standard keeps moving. Furthermore, if we ever abolished affluence, I'm sure we would only have more poverty, not less.

Michael W. Kruse

Great thoughts, Percival. Thanks.

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