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Sep 14, 2009


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Travis Greene

This has always made more sense to me than original sin. It also fits our reality as social beings. As opposed to "original sin" conceptions, I think an infant may well be born a blank slate, without sin, or even the propensity to sin, but we'll never know. We learn our humanity from parents, extended family, friends, and others, but because all have sinned, what we learn is always a mixed bag. "The sins of the fathers" is not a prescribed punishment, but a tragic prophecy; it is simply what happens.

Dana Ames

I happened upon this article a few years ago at its original site.


On reading it, I did a severe theological double-take. It was the first thing that made me think I could possibly become EOrthodox.


Michael W. Kruse

Thanks. I've downloaded it. I'll take a look.


thanks Kruse, that is a liberating concept. Come to think of it, our confirmation book refers to it that way. Do you have a book reccomend I can read more about this?


thanks Dana,,, i just read the link you gave. I am ready to worship... what a transformative idea.

Michael W. Kruse

Joanne, I don't know of any books to recommend on the topic. Maybe some readers here know more. I intend to check out Dana's link.

Naj Krasie kut

The Orthodox definition is very confusing and not as strait gorward and sensicle as Origional sin, which could easly be said as ancestral sin. The orthodox believe that we all have death in us. WELL DUGHH that is origional sin. if the guilt did not pass onto us then why are we not born immortal as Adam once was. ITs because we have origional sin. This is only another petty argument between Catholic and Orthodox

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