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Sep 02, 2009


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Rick McGinniss

I think you mean John Stapleford, not John Stackhouse. :)

BTW, I'm planning to take the plunge and do an "economics series" in October based on of your blogs and other readings (and conversations with my post-modern skeptic friends). Somehow, we pastors have to cast biblical vision for how shalom, prosperity, economics, stewardship, and benevolence fit together at the personal level.

Michael W. Kruse

Opps! Thanks for the catch.

"...fit together at the personal level."

Amen! More on that coming in this series.

Rick McGinniss

I anxiously await the "more"!

Josh Rowley

I'm not sure how anyone could get from Goldwater's individualism to a concern for the common good.

As for freedom, the New Testament understands it (paradoxically) as slavery to Christ. Put another way, the NT names autonomy a myth. The biblical question is Who is our master? rather than Are we free? Goldwater's "freedom" is slavery to self; and he makes it an idol.

Michael W. Kruse

I think some would argue that complete freedom is the common good.

While it is true that we are servants of the master, the master is the master servant.

Freedom is critical, but true freedom is the freedom to choose that which is good.

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