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Dec 28, 2009


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Mo Rage

The fundamentalists will freak out, of course, but most of us will see this as only a good thing. Maybe this way we really won't end up all hating and killing each other, just because "God is on our side".

Happy Whatever!

Mo Rage

"Minds are like parachutes. They only function when they are open."

Michael W. Kruse

Some things are true. Some are not. Mutually exclusive views can't all be true. The challenge for many Christians has been failure to realize that conversion comes through love, modeling, and persuasion ... not domination.

Also, it is possible to have your mind so open that your brain leaks out. :-) Critical thinking doesn't support all options or equally valid.


How could Christendom be over?

There are more than 2 billion Christians on the planet--more than at any time in history. And Christianity altogether is growing in leaps & bounds in Africa, Asia and South America.

Plus perhaps they lamenting the fact that Christians dont get to call all the shots now, or so the "end of Christendom" hype goes.

Michael W. Kruse

John, the tag line says, "Western Christendom." You affirm my basic point. What the church likes like in the future will be significantly different from the Christendom that has been so thoroughly entwined with Western culture.

Travis Greene

The number of people who claim Christianity as their religion has little to do with Christendom as socio-political reality.

Of course, for those of us with Anabaptist leanings, the end of Christendom is nothing to be mourned.

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