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Jan 21, 2010


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Chuck North

Michael, this is an exceptionally cool article and provides a lot of insight on how early agricultural technology spread. In Guns, Germs, and Steel, Jared Diamond talks about the transferability of early agricultural technology from the middle east to Europe because of similar climatic conditions. If this finding about European men is correct, it suggests that Middle Eastern men brought their agricultural technology with them to Europe early on, and that this knowledge (human capital?) gave them an advantage in attracting the indigenous women - presumably because farming provided a more reliable source of food. Though, from the point of view of the indigenous men, I guess the arrival of these immigrants was not too welcome.

Michael W. Kruse

It also points that the creative destruction aspect of technological change was going on long before the Industrial Revolution was going ... another point Diamond illustrate in his work.

I love these historical studies.

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