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Feb 11, 2010


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Travis Greene

Phenomenal. Hauerwas comments on the fact that the early church replaced Judas by casting lots, and asks what kind of community you would need in order to choose your leadership (somewhat) at random?


Thanks for this, Michael. As I said in the comments on Tea Party/Emerging, you are my hero, dude.

Love that thought, Travis....

Paul Becker

I would agree that the term clergy is not appropriate. I also agree that there are pastors who think that it is their job to do most of the ministry and that they fail to equip the saints for ministry. However, failure in the church doesn't stop there.

Whenever someone in a system is over-functioning, others in that same system are likely to be under-functioning. The false clergy/laity distinction is just as convenient for the "laity" who enjoy the effects of vicarious living through their over-functioning pastor. Certainly, the codependency creates an outcome that is less than biblically desirable.

I have witnessed situations where a pastor "wakes up" to the Ephesians 4 job description to equip the saints and... that awakening was met with resistance by congregants. And to be completely fair, I have seen times when a congregant's application to the priesthood of all believers has been trashed their pastor.

Codependency is mutually convenient to all parties involved. Certainly, the pastor has a key role and responsibility for correcting the codependency. Faithful congregants have a role in holding their pastors' feet to the fire. In presbyterian polity, pastors have additional contexts for accountability... elders and pastors on session and the presbytery.

Michael W. Kruse

Codependency is indeed the name of the game.

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