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Mar 25, 2010


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the x woman could be the daughters of the nethians , told in the bible ,, who had been on the e arth before adam and eve, a race of women who had no men , however they had been mating with the early man of the planet,, but only the females born were able to talk , all the males were most likley mute, only able to be shown how to interact, like that of mokeys, even after thousands of years no males were born inteligent, , and with the creation of adam and eve, , , and eve only habing males , , inbreeding was needed for GODs creation, how many generations, ?? at least a few , true for the daughters of the nethiabs, , and it was done , and the question remains , that his children did not listen , to have ceased to seek the daughters of men , as WELL GOD HAD TOLD THAT T HE FIRST BORN SHALL SEEK AS HIS OR HER MATE THE DAUGHTER OR SON OF THIER FATHERS BROTHER, AND OR THIER MOTHERS BROTHER OR SISTERS DAUGHTER OR SON , THIS WAS TO HAVE BEEN DONE, AND FOR REASONS, THAT, WOULD KEEP THOSE OF US OF GODS CREATION, STRONG, PURE, AND AS ONE, BEING NOW THE RESULT WE ARE A WATERED DOWN, EVER BRANCHING OUT , M THUS WE DONT LIVE 700 YEARS, AND CANCERSM AND OTHER GENITIC DIESEASES, AND ABNORMITIES, WILL ONLY , FUTHER WEAKEN OUR EXSISTABCE, AS WE KNOW IT, WE MUST INBREED BACK INWARD, TO BECOME AS ONE PURE BEING , THUS THE GARDEN OF EDEN WAS ONLY GOD KNOWING OUR FUTURE, IN THAT IF WE COULD NOT OBEY, WITHOUT QUESTION TO WHY, ONLY TO NOT EAT THE FRUIT OF THE TREE OF LIFE AND OF KNOWEDGEM SO THEN THE DISOBEYING WAS AND STILL IS OUR DESTINY , FORTOLD , OUR GARDEN OF EDEN IS AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE LOST BECAUSE WE ONLY THEN HAD TO OBEY WITHOUT QUESTIONS TO WHY , AS WE COULD NEVER HAD UNDERSTOOD , THAT WE ARE ULTIMATLEY, ON A COURSE TO HAVE OUR CHILDRENS, AND THIER CHILDREN THEREAFTER, DOOMED TO CANCER, DISEASE, AND ,, THE LOSS OF ANY HOPE TO A GARDEN OF EDEN, WE MUST SEE THE REAL FACTS , , ULTIMATLEY WE WILL IN HOPEFULLY THE NEXT HUNDRED YEARS THE THEN MEDICALS FACTS THERE OF , TOO INBREED AS OUR CREATOR HAD TOLD, NOT LISTENING ONLY WILL DESTROY OUR RACE, JEFFREY KOLB 47 LEWISVILLE TX

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