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Apr 15, 2010


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You hit this one out of the ball park ! WoW. I think your SOoooo right. At least in my Church Life experience the Pastor becomes the star player when he should be the coach, encourager, instructer and play lots of other positions but not the star...I think Ed Steltzer said somthing like " if a system disempowers or demotivates that it is perhaps sinful..." I believe many Pastors get this wrong. Instead of building in lives it's easy to be the star and do things because no one can do it as good as they can, or as effective. Kinda like if it's not my idea then it's not good or if you don't think and act like me then you must be in sin...

I love this post and couldn't agree more.. Thank you for saying this.

Michael W. Kruse

David, this is actually a excerpt from Bolsinger. Although it exactly parallels stuff I've written about here in the past. I also added a comment to Bolsinger's post that goes a little deeper.

Glad you resonate with this post. I sure did!

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