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May 10, 2010


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The entire world is in a death spiral. A spiral created by the adolescent anti-"culture" of competitive individualism.

A spiral which began in the West with World War l, was finished off (in the West) with World War ll, and has now devastated the entire planet. Both at the cultural level and at the more primal level of the planetary eco-systems upon which human life depends, and in which human beings are totally embedded.

What is the state of the culture in the USA?

It is a combination of Huxleys Brave New World drug-saturated populace, "entertained" by titty-tainment. How many countless millions of dreadfully sane "normal" people are addicted to, and thus dependent upon legal prescription drugs alone--just to get by?

And Orwells 1984--total surveillance and endless imperial wars, and the threat of terrorism--the never-ending "war" on terrorism!

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