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May 12, 2010


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Quotidian Grace

This is a great series from Mark Roberts. I agree with your comments on the first post and highlighted them on my blog here: http://quotidiangrace.blogspot.com/2010/05/why-dont-we-pray-for-business-mark-d.html

I look forward to the remaining posts in the series and your comments, too.

My husband has made the same observations about the lack of economics understanding of pastors that you did on many occasions.

Travis Greene

I appreciate the effort to look into a neglected area, but at the same time, there are some implications I'm not sure I like.

1. Praying is the job of certain professionals called pastors
2. Church communities are primarily chaplaincies for supporting people in their "real" life.

I agree we should challenge the dichotomy of "church jobs, and maybe the helping professions, are of lasting value, and everything else is at best irrelevant", but I don't want to see it replaced by another dichotomy that says "churches are institutions that exist to support people in the 'real world'"

Michael W. Kruse

I share your concern about professionals doing the prayer

I don't know that chaplaincy is the right characterization but I do think missional is about being the body of Christ in the world, which means equipping and encouraging them in their particular callings. There is work we do as a gathered community and work we do in our sent capacity. Both have to be held together.


Church is after all the People. We are a community (and or should be) and in that context Churches do exist in part to support it's people in the community in all they do and are.

One way to do that is certanily pray. In this case for those in Business, and about business.

I think thats good and something that has been neglected.

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