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Jun 10, 2010


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Even though I'm still an Obama supporter, I do see the value in an opposition that offers fresh ideas and necessary corrective. Two things I think that will require is a better articulation of ethnic/cultural change and the willingness to confront how unrefined capitalism can tear apart and destroy communities or local cultures. The BP oil spill, housing policy and health care industry are examples of this problem.


To characterize the right as angry is as silly as characterizing the left as anti-American. There is anger on the right and on the left.

As far as conservatives not having any ideas, the idea is to reverse the misguided policies of government stimulus, government enforced health care, and general governmental control.

From my viewpoint, the BP oil spill is as bad as it is because of the unintended consequences of environmentalism. Far less oil would have been released into the gulf if they were drilling in water 150 ft deep instead of 5000.

The housing crisis is the result of the unintended consequence of the Community Reinvestment Act forcing banks to make bad loans.

And before health care reform, thousands of clinics were providing free health care for the poor, emergency rooms were treating people because it was illegal to turn them away. The difference between what was and what will be, in terms of the totals amount of people being cared for won't be that different.


I like what you said Dave and agree 100%. I think the right had some good ideas about health care, I.e. Tort reform, Compition across State Lines, getting Ins Costs under control, etc. They had good ideas on stopping the spending & bailout after bailout.

The right has have little if no opportunity to even express their ideas at times.

I'm not an Obama fan at all. I wonder what history will show us of his term in office.

But I agree somewhat with you Michael. Wish the right could get ther collective act together. This country needs them too, and quickly...


There's much to be angry about. Almost everything Obama has touched has turned to lead. From the "cash for clunkers" (which ended up costing the taxpayers about $35,000 per turned-in car), to the takeover of the health-care industry, to the impetuous finger-pointing in the Gulf Oil spill disaster, to the ballooning of the national debt, and (especially galling to the Tea Party crowd) the imposition of many new taxes (I include the expiration of the Bush tax cuts, which amounts to a massive tax increase, beginning next January)) - one can only conclude that incompetence abounds.

I could go with the "pox on both their houses" stand, but in our system, the deck is stacked against any third parties.

Give us back the Republicans (new ones and real conservatives), so we can have a chance of getting our country back.

As an example of the parties' styles, take a look at the Reid/Angle race in Nevada. Consider Reid's tactics vs Angle's; it's not just mud he's slinging.

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