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Jul 12, 2010


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"... you’ll be watching 90 minutes of almost nonstop action (not commercials!)."

And 90 minutes of uninterrupted vuvuzela noise.

It does seem odd that after 4 or 5 fays of play, the winning team is decided by a 1 - 0 score.

"... ball is in play on the field during an NFL games is less than 11 minutes"

That's on a par with baseball, golf, and professional grass-growing.

The thing about soccer is that it's really international (unlike the World Series), which makes for diversity, which is the liberal's rallying-cry.

On the minus side, we get a Wold Cup every 4 years [?], while here in the civilized sports world, hardly a day goes by without nail-biting competition over baseballs, footballs, basketballs, and occasionally hockey pucks.


I too believe it will take some time for the US to warm up to soccer. But the younger generations are growing up with the game as did my boys. So in a generation it will become embraced here in the US as well as our other team sports.

As far as the political thing...whoever posed that question needs to get a real job......



World cups might only be once every four years, but that's not to say there isn't nail-biting competition in almost every nation, almost every week of the year. In fact, football (soccer) has numerous club competitions as nail biting and competitive as, say the World Series.


You're right that football is a meritocracy. The draft and franchise based system looks far more socialist than footballs' market transfer and relegation/promotion systems. If a team comes last in most club soccer competitions they get kicked out of the league! I can't see that happening in the NFL for example.



"I too believe it will take some time for the US to warm up to soccer."

It might not take all that long. Almost everyday at local parks in this city - and I don't think we're unique - kids are playing soccer.

One of our neighbors is a holdout - I saw him playing catch with his son the other day. It's OK, though, he'll be assimilated.

Phil: Your note on the meritocracy (or socialism) of football clicked with something I read the other day:

"A game called football was invented about 1870 to provide healthful physical exersise for the undergraduates on bright autumn afternoons.

Seventy years later the undergraduates who needed exercise most were seated in the stands of a city baseball park on Friday night, with their flasks and their coeds, while on the grass (or mud) below, the undergraduates who needed exercise least pushed each other about under the floodlights."

Carroll Quigley, "The Evolution of Civilizations" (1961, 1979), p.111-112

He goes on to talk about how the game evolved from informal games between groups from one college, to building the first stadium in 1903. Night games started in the 1930s, so that working people could attend. Then they made the ball smaller, to encourage passing over kicking.

He's talking about how instruments (early football, Roman cavalry, medieval knights, the bayonet charge in war) become institutionalized - that is, become something apart from their original purpose (and in the last examples, unlikely to change - leading to disaster in warfare.

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