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Jul 03, 2010


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My impression of the ACSWP, from past history, is not positive. (Particularly troubling are the stances on the Middle East - with not a word against the long-term, ongoing genocide in the Congo; on Haiti - how is that relevant to the Church's mission - and if it is, why is it the only one?)

"... but is guided by secular professional standards and best practices, rather than by theological or biblical understanding."

It appears that they have little regard for "professional standards" or "best practices". While we can all agree that a religious entity, like PC(USA), differs from a secular body, like AT&T, the goals of administrators in both are the same: long-term continuance of the organization. Those goals are best met by hiring the best people, people with knowledge and experience in their chosen areas.

Requirements for those "best people" are clearly different from those for Stated Clerk or GA Moderator - whose roles (I presume) are more pastoral and theological, rather than economic and personnel-based.

Good, capable people deserve to be paid well - because they are rare, and will tend to go where they are appreciated.

"... NPNR simply asserts this ratio with no documentation."

If that's indeed the case, the most charitable thing we can say is that they're lying - making stuff up either from ignorance or malice. Neither one should be acceptable.

Paul Becker

The 5:1 ratio is void of theological underpinnings. The argument lacks integrity by virtue of it failing its own assumption: administrative work should be guided by theology.

Michael, it doesn't surprise me... you will not see a comparison of GMAC's salary ratio with other outside agencies. That would be too much like a market analysis! We certainly don't want to be involved with anything like that do we?


It is interesting that if a group made a statement along the lines of "we need our medical practices to be guided by our theological or biblical understandings rather than secular professional practices" they would be considered crazy fanatics. But medicine and science are good, while economics and business are bad.

Is it because "money is the root of all kinds of evil" and "you cannot serve God and Mammon"?

Also interesting is that many evangelical organizations through the years have indeed had very radical compensatio policies, where all compensation was the same throughout the organization (such as Prarie Bible Institute and OMF). What often happens, though, is employees' compensation get supplemented by independent "faith gifts" which can carry a number of other issues.

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