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Jul 13, 2010


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Travis Greene

That is a tough experience. I remember when I first realized the history of the denomination I grew up in (SBC), which only exists because it split off over slavery. I'm not sure any group has truly repented of this shameful past.


Wish I knew the facts here. Need to do some research as the facts are not presented here. I find this a bit hard to believe let alone understand given the theology of RTS and the PCA. But I'll reserve my thoughts until I do some fact finding....

You always have those that claim to be something when they are not....


If that last para is true (no reason to doubt it) then I'm shocked. Language/name calling like that has NO place in any christian community.... that's plain evil.


I agree Phil, but at this point I wouldn't blam that on RTS and the PCA but on a /or some really sick people.

That is unless there was a bigger issue here..

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