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Sep 29, 2010


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Viola Larson

Hi Michael,
I found one of those numbers rather strange. I was wondering how Sacramento increased after five churches left our presbytery. And then I remembered, our Presbytery leadership had not yet erased Fair Oaks and Roseville from off our list because of the trials that were still pending in 2009. Those were the two biggest churches in our Presbytery, one with several thousand members. I am glad for any good news but at least for Sacramento those numbers are wrong.

Michael Kruse

Interesting, Viola. But I guess it makes sense. Not over until the paperwork is done. ;-)


OK, so this is being spun as "good news." 20 new church developments vs how many closures? 13 Presbyteries with increased membership vs how many with declining? Investment income increased and it will be used for what? Asian membership increased, perhaps because they tend to be more conservative and evangelically focused, but why is this considered important? Fewer congregation lack pastoral leadership, but is it good healthy pastoral leadership?
Enough, we can always find little things to feel good about but the big picture is not good. We are an aging denomination and are losing touch with the culture in which we live. We have failed to be missional in our focus and are paying the price. We are not without hope but we are a long way from being healthy and I don't think we dare pretend its any other way. To do so will only expedite our demise.


In other good news, Titanic passengers, this is going to make a great movie one day!

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