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Sep 23, 2010


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All of the usual tiresome half-baked cliches are written out once again in this essay.

As though believing in the resurrection-of-Jesus (and even of a "creator"-God) is in any sense rational. Or based on a deeply considered investigation into the nature of Reality. Nobody ever witnessed such a thing.Certainly not in September 2010.

Or the belief that the recent Barnum and Bailey papal circus event in the UK is an expression of something profound. PT Barnum was wrong - there are thousands of suckers born every minute.

What was interesting about this papal circus was the uniform banality of the opinion pieces and essays which supported it. Right-wing group-think.

The recent Avatar film was a necessary Truth Telling parable for our times. At a basic level it was about the culture of life as an indivisible interdependent unity, versus the totally god-less technocratic anti-"culture" of death.

Having already "created" a dying planet (just as we have), the obviously god-less techno-barbarian invaders were compelled by the inexorable logic of their cultural patterning to destroy yet another "primitive" culture (just as we have always done)

The Navi heroine said to Jake: "It is impossible to cure you of your insanity" - quite so.

It was interesting to observe the entirely predictable right-wing "conservative" group-think response to the film, ESPECIALLY by "conservative" religionists.

They all came out loudly cheering for the techno-cratic "culture" of death.


For a comment that criticises "half-baked cliches", that was a most ironic read.

Michael W. Kruse


Well, John is our occasional visitor from down under who I suspect is a disciple of Adi Da Samraj. Readers can judge for themselves who practices belittling, belligerent, cliches and who is interested in meaningful conversation. :-)

Paul from Silver Coast Finest

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