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Sep 24, 2010


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I think there might be an under-noticed culprit here: ADD. I'm serious. Post 2001, information overload has set in - we know have and abundance intellectual and sensory data at our fingertips - who wants to leave the house and be forced to sit & stay in one place for a couple of hours?

We, as a society, have finally become bored of religion. Probably tragic in some ways, helpful in others.


Would be interesting to see how many people are actually transfers. I do'nt see the Episcopal church increasing attendance purely through conversions (Although that would be an accomplishment)....

Dennis Scheibmeir

Why 2001? There was an event on 9/11/2001 that brought a crowd bigger than Easter to Sunday worship services the following weekend. Apparently they didn't find what they were looking for at the places they visited?

Michael W. Kruse

Not sure why the broke at 2000. I doubt the 9/11 had much of an impact. That was a very quick blip on the radar.

Frieda Artapels

attendance at church is decreasing because people increasingly (how's that for juxtaposition of opposing themes?) realize that there's no "there" there. It's a social club. Every. Single. Person. I know has remarked how it is that the most vocal "christians" tend to have the meanest, lowdown, vindictive streak barely hidden under their self-satisfied "saved-ness". it might as well be "have you been smugged?" instead of "have you been saved".

We can only hope that more of America wakes up to this thinly-veiled socially-destructive social club. It's worse than the Masonic Lodges.

Dennis Scheibmeir - people flocked to church and flag because that's what lost people do. 9/11 smacked America in the head and people's belief-system came crashing down around their ears. "What?!?!?!? America attacked??? B b but we're the most powerful nation on earth!!!".

NOT. America has allowed corporations to take control, and the corporatists have led the religious right BY THE NOSE down the garden path.

America's infrastructure has been crumbling for the last 30 years. In about 1993, Scientific American published a desperate cry from America's scientists and engineers for attention paid to bridges, tunnels, rail-systems. Was the call heeded? No - Democrat and Republican alike ignored this as they lined their pockets with corporate money, while America watched TV, closed their minds, and went to church only to be led by the nose by the most callous mis-use of religious fervor since the Crusades in the middle ages.

Y'all ought to know that America is where it is because of the 3 G's : God, Guns Gays.

The political establishment trots those 3 things out like clockwork for every election, and y'all buy it every time.

People are slowly wising up.

So - no, Mr Scheibmeir, they did not find what they were looking for - never will. Take one look at the Pope's behavior on the choir-boy raping scandal; take one look at Ted Haggard. Jim Bakker. The list goes on and one. No, it's not just the christians who lie cheat steal fornicate kill - all kinds of people do it.

People are wising up - human behavior is what it is - regardless of professed religion. They're not wising up quickly enough - that ship already sailed - Google this:

Citizens United "Supreme Court"

Y'all got no more democracy. Once the stranglehold is cemented on pesky democracy, they'll stop caring about God, Guns, Gays. Well - the guns will be aplenty, and the police-state will hold sway - won't be any more need to pretend about God and Gays, and y'all will be out in the cold with the rest of the peasants

Travis Greene

The distinction between attendance and membership is interesting.

I wonder how much the growth of +1000 member churches is partially driving the emptying of most churches.


I still like the 3 G's. (Unlike the members of these increasingly liberal denominations.)
My theory is that people attending churches in these denominations realized they don't actually believe in anything so why bother.

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