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Oct 28, 2010


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Alexandra Peters

Your "Make Sense" initiative makes so much sense! I too think that Governance as Leadership is a book with transformative ideas, and I admire the way you have immediately taken these ideas and offered them to your board. That's leadership in itself.

It isn't easy to apply these ideas, but asking questions, rather than fixing, is truly the work of the board. This will take strong leadership because the results are not so immediate for board members. Boards do well in crisis because it's so apparent what they must be dealing with. The goal of the board, however, is for your organization NOT to be in crisis.

I would add one more layer to the excellent suggestions you have given: consider asking, ""What's right" "What's going well?" "What is it that we do well?" Understanding and celebrating your strengths is just as critical as asking "What's wrong?" and certainly more fun. It's also something everyone on your board should know and understand. (if you're not doing much that you're proud of, do you really need to exist? A question boards should always be asking.) And it's a wonderful opportunity to show off your staff.

I'm especially touched that you were thinking about generativity in a time of great grief. Have you noticed that there is a strong link between the words "generation" and "generative"? Not an accident, I think.

Jay Wilkins


Thank you for sharing this. I pray that your leadership will be received. It will make for a much healthier and faithful climate in the church.

Dave Hackett


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