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Nov 01, 2010


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I am fuzzy on the details but back in the post Cold War mid 90's the Weekly Standard Crew (Bill Kristol et al) were arguing that the the American People needed a new "National Project." Great Nations do big things. I think they even used a line along the lines of: "Leave us alone" is a not an acceptable option for the American people. Of course their suggested project was eliminating dictators and installing democracies.

It's no secret that liberals/progressives have always been a fan of the national project.

So do you see the American people saying "Leave us alone is an acceptable option. We don't need to go looking for a national project."

Michael W. Kruse

That's interesting question. I do think you ultimately have to have a vision which you champion, not just oppose something. I think some conservative and Tea Party types want champion a transformation to a new type of governance centered on personal freedom but the specifics are very fuzzy. Would that be enough? I don't know. Doesn't sound as tangible as defeating the Evil Empire or putting a man on the moon.

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