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Nov 16, 2010


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Mike Aubrey

So...uhm, why does the Prime Minister of Canada (who is an economist) say this is the US's only option?

Michael W. Kruse

Did Harper ever work at Goldman Sachs? ;-)

Seriously, there are some economists who think this is warranted but a great many think it is very risky. Inject too little, you fail to stimulate the economy while simply adding to a crippling debt. If the purchased assets go bad, then you've added even more to the fiscal crisis. Inject too much and you could get hyperinflation.

I will have a post up at Jesus Creed on the 18th that gives a serious look at the topic.


LOL. Thanks, Michael. You're my key information source for all things economic, and this is the reason why.

I feel much better now.

Michael W. Kruse

Codepoke, you are welcome. The trick is not to let the quantitative easing give you quantitative queasing. ;-)

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