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Dec 25, 2010


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Dana Ames

It's a good one, Mike, and it goes back to before the Schism :)

Merry Christmas to you & Melissa, and a pat for the cat.


Sister Florence Vales OSC

Love the contemplative chant-like tune of Emmanuel.
and if we get a dog I would like to name it Manny (for Emmauella (female) for God is with us. Our other dog was Maggie (aka Magnificat)
My other favorite sone is Lo ere a Rose is Blooming- again chan-like:

Here is my musing for Christmas to share with you Mr. Krus Merry Christmas to you and the cat???
Advent –Christmas 2010
For Sister Marge 1928-2010

Watching the evening news
Commercials breaking in after tragic tales
We are told the meaning of Joy –
Always with a song for Happy Holidays-
Never Christ’s-Christmas-coming.

Settling in for Night Prayer
The dusk filling the chapel panes-
The nuns silent in their prayer
Enveloping the quiet of the space-
A door –
Enlightening the Joy within

For He is Creator and Gift,
The Shepherd and the Lamb,
He is the Son and the Babe of Bethlehem
Always God’s Son, always Son of Mary.
He is the Story and the Song,
The Melody and the Notes
But always the Song
He sings through us,
Played out once in time
For us to learn.

He is Hope and Love,
Always Love,
He is Peace and Joy,
Always His Joy.
Open the doors of our hearts.
He is doing something new.
Happy Holidays?
It is never Happy Holidays,
Always Christ- for-the-masses,
Our Christmas Joy.
Sister Florence Vales OSC

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