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Dec 20, 2010


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But what is the world altogether?

Nobody really knows. Essentially it is an unexplainable mystery. The only way to thus understand IT is to surrender to its Process.

Meanwhile in the now multi-cultural world of 2010 anyone with an internet connection has access to hundreds of "creation" stories from all times and places. ALL of which are now our common inheritance.

What happens to the world when you enter into the state of deep dreamless and formless sleep?

What is the world? It is now common knowledge that what we see "out there" is a brain and nervous system fabricated and projected image or vision. Which is to say that we never ever see the world as it IS in Reality.

To do so one would have to see the world from every possible space-time point of view simultaneously!

What then does the world actually look like prior to point of view?
Remembering that what you see "out there" is a product of your own personal brain-and-nervous-system patterning, which in turn is created or conditioned by the culture in which you live.


The Matrix has you

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