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Jan 10, 2011


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Thanks for this, Mike ... I posted a link to it from my Facebook page.

Jeff L

you're comparing apples and oranges. How about statistics and numbers on things like:
number of death threats received by representatives and senators in 2000 and 2010;
number of people who brought handguns to town hall meetings staged by congresspersons in 2000 and 2010;
number of times candidates for Congress talked about "Second Amendment solutions" to the problems of government or the number of times the governor of Texas asserted the right of Texas to secede from the Union?

You get the drift.

Michael W. Kruse

Jeff, as bad as these things may be, none of them are acts of violence.

And missing from your list ...

Last month, the President analogizing of Republicans to hostage taking terrorists in their insistence on across the board tax cuts.

Candidate Obama saying on the campaign trail, "If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun."

Bumper stickers on cars in my neighborhood (voted 94% Obama) with a cross-hairs over George Bushes face and the message "Regime Change."

The publication by my denomination (PCUSA) of "Christian Faith and the Truth Behind 9/11: A Call to Reflection and Action" by David Ray Griffin, "documenting" how the World Trade Center wasn't brought down by terrorists but was a Bush backed CIA plot ... including the planting of explosives in the building ... to create a pre-text for war.

Labeling any one who challenges climate change issues as a climate change denier, implicitly, and at time explicitly, connecting them with holocaust deniers.

I can go on.

Partisans on all sides use this kind of inflammatory rhetoric. Do I agree that we should work to tone it down. Absolutely. But when you or others say this is your concern and then A) you identify only conservatives as the offenders and B) claim this attack on the congresswomen was politically motivated, it strike me as disingenuous. There is zero evidence that politics or the vitriolic environment had ANYTHING to with the attackers actions. He is a paranoid schizophrenic. A friend today was highlighting that the guy knew nothing about politics and didn't follow it. In all of his ramblings there is no mention of Obama, health care, or taxes. His actions might just have easily been turned on school administrator as we are finding out.

Portraying conservatives as the lone instigators of a vitriolic climate and then maintaining it was the cause of Saturday's tragedy is a politically calculated strategy of hatemongering done on the backs of people who undergoing horrible grief and sorrow. It is an attempt by the left to marginalize political opponents through demonization. It is an extension of the vitriolic environment, not indication of desire to depart from it. It is transparent to all but the most die hard liberals that this is the case, and if liberal Dems want to continue to push themselves to the margins, all they need to do is keep pressing this argument. Most of the public can see otherwise.

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