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Jan 21, 2011


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One point. If you have to see things from a rigid "view" then most likely what you see isn't truth but bias. That would also explain why the whole article has to choose only the "right" facts and ignore all else that may make you question the "view" let alone your supposed solution. Here's a hint...when looking for REAL solutions or answers you start by looking at the evidence and then come to a conclusion based on the evidence. Here you shown you can come to a conclusion then only research (and write) those things that support it, ignoring and hiding everything that does not. Or to put it simply you are basing your evidence on the conclusion. You insult the intelligence of the reader and yourself in doing so. This is not meant as an insult to you but to your writing and possibly research method, which is why its very general. I hope that you take it as constructive criticism and use it help you continue to express your thoughts to the world. Just think about it next time you go to write an article or research a subject. Thanks and god bless.

Michael W. Kruse

Joe, that comment isn't even worthy of response, except that I will say peace to you, my friend.

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