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Jan 13, 2011


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I can't help noticing a parallel with the songs we sing in church.

In our congregation we usually have a mix of old and new. New songs come along every once in a while, but they always seem to replace last year's favourites. Better songs might turn up in the rotation again in years to come, but less and less frequently as the years go on.

I figure songs, like genes, follow a 'survival of the fittest' law. Only the very, very best are still popping up 200 years after they're first introduced.


I graduated from HS in 1976. In the mid-90's at our 20th I was struck by the fact that many of my classmates were in jobs that did not exist when we finished HS. Most of the jobs were tech related and they paid VERY well. Now as we approach our 35th most if not all of those jobs do not exist. In fact many of them went away with the tech collapse of 2000

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