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Feb 11, 2011


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I wonder if because we have lived with numerical decline for almost 50 years we have become numb to it. These are not mere numbers, every number is a person, and people matter to God.

We should (must) not sit by and accept this decline, to do so would perhaps be the greatest indication that we have abdicated our calling as a church whose responsibility is to be on mission and, as the Book of Order reminds us, to fulfill that mission even at the risk of losing our life.

Michael W. Kruse

Neil, at next month' GAMC meeting we will be discussing how we might be a catalyst for a movement to start 1,000 churches in X many years. It is a conversation that is emerging and coming to the GAMC. Our discussion will also touch on how our presbyteries might aid small churches in clarifying mission and/or repurposing assets. As you know, presbyteries plant churches, not the national office but we expect there are ways we can help spread the flame. It is particularly exciting in that I think there is real passion for non-Anglo church planting.

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