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Mar 03, 2011


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Dr David L. Bleivik

Thanks for your article.
Acts 16:5 blessed the churches in my presbytery as well. They were really good at teaching the concepts in a way our laymen could not only understand but put into practice. They were part of our creating a culture for adaptive ministry (making what you do fit what you can and should do). Praise God! Former EP of Washington Presbytery

Dave Moody

Our presbytery (Yukon) is a year into Acts 16.5, last weekend was my first. I couldn't agree more, very helpful and concrete. Thanks for lifting up this vital ministry.

grace & peace,

Rev. Kathi Busch

Ditto, ditto! New Castle prebytery is also engaged in the Initiative and seeing great things happen. I've been using these principles for many years, ever since attending a workshop Stan used to do at his church in Pittsburgh called "Growing a Vital Church." The basic concepts you lift up truly work, if engaged consistently over a period of time. I've seen God transform my church as a result of these applying 16:5 ideas and am now witnessing the same in our presbytery. Very exciting stuff!

Tom Houston

Thanks for your post. Your experience is similar to what we experienced here in Muskingum Valley Presbytery. It spoke to the situation of our churches, respecting and blessing our past while calling us to consider the new things God might be up with new ministries to touch the lives of new people. I was glad this wasn't just another church growth program but a well-considered reflection that allowed our churches to reflect and act in response to God. Prayers for you as you journey with others in your church and Presbytery.

Jim Rissmiller

I could not agree more. Salem Presbytery has been involved for the past 2 1/2 years. The impact has been incredible. What's more is that each congregation (30 of them) has been working at its own pace and seeking to transform as Christ is calling them. Therefore each congregation's work is different because each congregation is different. And it has been helpful to all sizes of congregations from 1200 members to 50 members. If you are looking for help in transformation, give the Acts 16:5 Initiative a good hard look.

Anne Hébert

Wonderful article! Grace Presbytery was one of the first to participate in Acts 16:5 several years ago and our church still uses the concepts regularly. The process allows for each congregation to discern where its ministry needs to move based on God's direction. Transformation has taken place on individual and community levels!


Michael...what a great word of affirmation. What I've seen with the Acts 16:5 initiative is that church leaders sense that "recline" is not inevitable. Rather than lament "What can we do?" the initiative encourages that there are steps to be taken right now to move back toward "incline." Proverbially, it puts winds back in the sails, no longer stuck in the practical and emotional doldrums. Thanks Kruze Kronicle

Pat Callaway

April 11, 2011
Pat Callaway Kansas City, MO
My church, The John Knox Presbyterian Kirk (the "Kirk"), is a small congregation of approximately 284 members. We have been blessed with 37 years of inspiring, compassionate, inter-generational and theologically challenging leadership by Pastor Clayton A. Cook, 18 months of inspirational and challenging transitional leadership by Interim Pastor Larry Satorious following Clay's retirement. We are now blessed with the creative and sensitive leadership of Dr. Andrew L. Cullen ("Andy"). I was honored to have attended Dr. Ott's Acts 16:5 Initiative hosted nearby at the Pine Ridge Presbyterian Church, Parkville, MO a couple of months ago. I am pleased to learn that our Heartland Presbytery has contracted with Dr. Ott's Vital Churches Institute. I am also honored to have been selected by Dr. Cullen to be a member of the Kirk's Vision Team. Having served 2 terms on our Session, a Building Committee and various committees prior thereto, I am pleased to share in the Kirk's decision to not "recline" but "incline" in its ministry. Our Vision Team is studying Dr. Ott's "Twelve Dynamic Shifts for Transforming Your Church" with a view to identifying which shifts might best be applied to our situation. Personally, I am asking God for the faith to believe that "God has an exciting, life-building vision" for me and for my church.

Michael W. Kruse

Thanks for introducing yourself, Pat. I look forward to making connection face to face at some point.

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