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Apr 21, 2011


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P V Ariel

Yes, Indeed He can survive, the signs are showing LOL
Thanks for the alert question and the note
best regards


Truly, it is a very tough time to find employment - whether 19 or 49. The article was mostly about white collar workers, but it is extremely difficult for the blue collar workers right now as well. It's unlikely that things will change anytime soon.

I was laid off (from a job I truly loved, but had been at for less and 5 years) for 6 months before spending my retirement money to move and obtain a graduate degree in a completely different field. This got me an entry level job in the field, making half what I previously made.

When I initially got laid off, I figured I would have a job in no time. Previously, if I had gotten an interview, then I got the job offer. The depression was crushing as I was rejected - not even granted an interview in jobs for which I was over-qualified - but would have willingly done and maintained a good attitude. I could have offered significant potential, but was not even given a chance.

Now I see so many white male zombies looking for any work they can find, but being turned away like they have leprosy. I know now that I can't possibly leave my post until I have a firm job offer elsewhere. But even that seems impossible. I can't get folks to even acknowledge they have received my application and resume.

I've considered becoming a missionary and going to a country where the cost of living is very low - but even finding the financial support to do that is extremely difficult.

Some might suggest this is a great stagnation, but I tell you it is a time of very major change. Potentially we will get to the point where even the doctors will be looking for work, and taking chickens in barter like they did 100 years ago. Community will become more important, as will faith. The second marriages (because of so many men having problems with the previous expectations) will be much better and stronger as a true team.


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