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Apr 18, 2011


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Or it could be that John's community was quite happy to play with chronology to make a theological points. Apart from the fact that Jesus was baptised at the beginning of his ministry and died at the end of it, there's little correspondence between the order and timing of events in the Synoptics and John. A difference of one day is of very little consequence when compared to the egregious differences in the rest of the chronology.

The Synoptics were essentially Jewish documents. It made sense for Jesus to be taking part in the Passover meal. John was more concerned to show that Jesus was the Lamb of God, and was thus crucified at the same time that the Paschal lambs were sacrificed in the Temple.

This is an inconsistency, but only a problem for those who take a more literal approach to the Scripture. No mystery here, please move along...!

Michael W. Kruse

Yes, Cameron, there is more than one theory of what was going on here. I don't need for all the details to square perfectly because the gospels are not "history" in the modern sense, being limited to pure and precise recounting of historical events. Still, it doesn't mean that some things like different calendars might have come into play. Folks with more expertise then I would have to assess this one.

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