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May 10, 2011


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"It is up to presbyteries to decide about ordination of pastors, and sessions about ordination of elders and deacons, on a case-by-case basis." Yes, and the presbyteries also voted to prevent a prosecuting committee appeal a decision that goes against them. Doesn't this create the scenario where the presbytery will ordain who they want and when someone opposes it and files charges the presbytery will acquit itself and that will be the end of it.

Perhaps I'm being a little to cynical here.

Travis Greene

Aren't you guys under a call system, such that hiring is up to the individual church anyway?

Michael W. Kruse

Neil, I'm not sure what that is quite right but I do recall that one of the other amendments dealt with appeals. I'd have to go back and refresh my memory.

Michael W. Kruse

Travis, elders and deacons are ordained by the congregations session/board. The pastors are not members of congregations. They are members of presbyteries. The presbytery ordains pastor.

We talk about installing pastors as a three-way call. The pastor, the presbytery, and the congregation all have to agree to a call and all three are needed to dissolve a call. It is a bit more messy than congregations calling their own pastor.

Travis Greene

Thanks for the clarification.


Really is quite the move toward independence since we also, it seems, will not need to recognize each other's ordination... gone are the days, it seems, when we ordained on behalf of the whole church...

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