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Jun 24, 2011


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Richard H

Powerful video. As one who has advocated change in the congregations I've led, I see it as a potential tool.


1. It reduces "the church" to a building. Obviously the church down the street never does anything effective to connect with the narrator, so that he never has a sense that it is any more than a building where odd things happen.
2. The grocery story is driven by consumerism and fully in thrall of market forces. Is that what we want to say the church should do? (Well, sure - many say. Add a little Buddha, plenty of yoga classes, add plenty of alternative spiritualities. Or when you see the ethical standards of the community changing, demonstrating a shift in what people want, change along with them.)

Michael Kruse

Well, certainly no parable is perfect. Take "fishers of men." Are we really supposed to yank people out of their environment and consume them for our own ends? ;-)

I think the challenge is that we are to be ever adapting for an unchanging mission. That doesn't always mean embracing everything that happens in the culture but I think it does mean being aware and making a conscious response.

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