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Jun 20, 2011


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Bill Lafferty

As a former elder in the PCUSA and now in the EPC I ask you, does anyone really think things will get better. I supported renewal orginations for years and watched the denomation get more apotate with each general assembly. how long do you think "you may" will be "you must" in a denomation that promoted abortion and blesses sin.


You wrote:

Those of us who are ministers, elders, or deacons freely took vows to be “governed by our church’s polity and … abide by its discipline.”

I took that "vow" with the understanding that my faithfulness to the Word of God came before anything else. That "vow" is useless; how can you swear a "vow" to something that can change at a whim?

I can't think of one, single good reason to stay in the sinking ship of the PC(USA). Neither can my church.

Greg Scandlen

The fidelity and chastity issue is only the latest in a very long line of efforts to conform the church to the progressive secular world. I go through many more in my blog -- http://gmscan.wordpress.com/ -- and there are more to come. I am sickened and am ready to help organize an EPC in my area

Tom Litteer

Whether to stay or leave is something the Lord has to tell you and it may be surprising, but His answer won't be the same for everybody. As for me, I left the PCUSA after 30 years as an ordained pastor about 2 years ago. It was very clear to me that the Lord was telling me to move on (and He had been for some time). A group of us started a new church (independent, non-denominational, but associated with a ministry in Pennsylvania) in a town about 8 miles away from the church I left. I am grateful that these last two years have been the best part of my life in ministry. I am able to be involved in different facets of ministry that just did not fit well in a Presbyterian paradigm. We have experienced a kind of freedom that was not possible before. I pray for the PCUSA occasionally, and more often for the church I left as they search for a new pastor. But, I am very happy where I am. I should add I was 58 when I left the denomination and I have absolutely no regrets. God bless you all--whether you stay or leave.
Tom Litteer
Pastor, Living Waters Fellowship
Newton, NJ

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